Sharron Astbury-Petit was born in the north of England in 1958.

Career in graphic design and illustration in Yorkshire, founding the

Leeds-based company Astbury Design at the start of the 1980s.

Her paintings and drawings were also exhibited

in a wide variety of British galleries throughout this period.

Relocated to France in 1995 to devote herself to her painting

and has exhibited her work here since 2003.

Her paintings have received a large number of medals and awards

and have also been selected for inclusion in a number

of international artistic and cultural exchanges.

Member of the prestigious Société des Artistes Français since 2012.

Returned to England to re-establish a studio in her native Yorkshire in 2016.

Exhibiting Member of Leeds Fine Artists, one of the oldest regional arts bodies in the UK,

since the autumn of that same year

Her work is characterised by experimentation

and a combining of media to better explore different themes,

interweaving disciplines to create a singular and evolutive reality.

Largely figurative and rich in symbolism,

her recurrent subjects are woman, nature, time and im/mortality.

Emotive, subtle and attentive to detail, her paintings

seek to question and to pay homage to the seduction of the intangible.

Frequent solo exhibitions and a regular participation in

selected group shows and International Salons of quality.

Work in many private collections.


Awards & Distinctions

Société des Artistes Français

Portrait d'Artiste

Cotation Drouot

Leeds Fine Artists